Book Proposals For Non-Fiction and Ghostwriting



A book proposal is your book marketing tool. It is THE document that will get your foot into the door of a literary agency or publishing house. No one will talk to you without one. A manuscript without a book proposal is like a row boat with only one oar.

I will develop an informative and persuasive proposal for your book. Proposals offer great potential for anyone who might be considering the commissioning of someone to write their manuscript. If your book idea meets with resistance from agents and publishers, you will have paid ONLY for the proposal. A proposal can run thirty to seventy pages long. It consists of an introduction explaining why your book idea is great, a tentative table of contents for the book—along with summaries of each chapter—a sample chapter or two, a marketing plan that indicates you’ve studied the market, i.e., you can justify who will buy your book and why, your biography, and other incidentals. A proposal can make the rounds in publishing circles in a few short days or for many months until you get a nibble, but once a publisher says “YES,” we can proceed with the development of the full manuscript.

Why pay for the ghostwriting of a book with a theme that ultimately demonstrates a lack of commercial appeal when a well-written book proposal is all you need to make a publisher say “Yes.” With a contract in hand (along with an advance), you’ll have the solid validation that ensures your manuscript will be published.

Basic Service: Client may request up to two free rounds of changes on the spelling, grammar, word choice, and punctuation of the completed work. Extra changes are subject to basic editorial costs. New pages are subject to basic service costs.

Proposal writing: $30 per double-spaced page.

Editing: $5 per double-spaced page.

Turnaround time: Two weeks.

Research: Client must provide detailed notes or a detailed outline. This is extremely important. You must have enough marketing and demographic information put together in order to justify your book idea. I’ll distill the information you provide, but you must do the due diligence. Ghostwriting

I do all the writing myself. If I accept you as a client, you and I will enter into a one-on-one professional writing relationship. If you e-mail me or call me on the phone, you are communicating with me, the person writing your assignment.

Who Needs a Ghostwriter in UK or Canada?

In my experiences, professionals and career people who excel in their chosen field of expertise—doctors, lawyers, scientists, engineers, entertainers—use ghostwriters to put their wisdom and experience into a booklet or book form.

This group (usually) understands the cost of using a professional service such as ghostwriting or online assignment help in Canada. Although I’ve been called or e-mailed by well-meaning individuals who swear they have a story or book idea that they know they can’t effectively articulate on their own, they’re usually not prepared to pay the cost of using a ghostwriting service. If a book idea needs six months or more to bring together into a commercially-viable format, that also means compensating the writer for one-half or more of an annual salary. Time and money go hand-in-hand.

So who really needs a ghostwriter in UK or Canada? Typically an expert or professional who has little time other than for their profession and all its responsibilities. Potential clients simple don’t have the six to twelve hours required daily to devote to the writing of a book over a six month (or longer) span. Ghostwriting brings your skills and observations to readers in a booklet or book form and gives a real permanence to your ideas.

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